KEK Computing Center provides Vidyo conference service as a communication tool for TV conference.
  We provide multipoint conferencing by Vidyo conference, Vidyo client software,
  and other multipoint conferencing from H.323.

[Notice update:2022/11/30]

    Vidyo service
        Vidyo Portal = Client software for PCs (Windows 8.1,10,11 macOS 13, iOS, Android OS)
        Vidyo Router = Multi-point conference service
        Vidyo Gateway = Gateway among vidyo clients and H.323

    How to use the Vidyo service

       1.  Create Vidyo account
       2.  Installer download

   If you become a video conference meeting author (person who create a new meeting)

    Connect to Vidyo portal from Vidyo application and create a new meeting.
    Each meeting has a PIN code which is required in joining the meeting.
    The author invites meeting paricipants by sending a mail or so and shares the PIN code.



Please contact to: consult@kek.jp